The Displays!

Since 2015, we have employed the services of Phenomenal Fireworks to manage the Fireworks displays. This ensures the necessary levels of quality and safety for the event. Click on the logo above to find out more about Phenomenal.

The Childrens Display

A 7 to 8 minute long pyro musical display choreographed to popular music that is appropriate and recogniseable to young children, using state of the art digital firing systems, fired from multiple firing locations and

designed in a child friendly style. This display will have fewer loud bangs with a view to not cuasing distress to the very young children or those who are sensitive to loud noises

The Main Display

An extravagant/wow factor, high quality pyro musical display with a duration of 15 minutes, choreographed to popular music or music of a certain theme, using state of the art digital firing systems, fired from multiple firing locations and designed with the "WOW" factor in


This display will be a "full bang" diaplay.

Phenomenal Fireworks are extremely proud of their 100% safety record since the

company began over ten years ago. All firers are fully trained by the BPA, all are City &

Guild qualified to the firer standard or higher, along with their own in house training

scheme. All of their firers have experience of the small hand fired wedding display right

up to the huge corporate events and large scale competition display.

Phenomenal Fireworks started entering large pyro musical competitions in 2012 with

the British Musical Fireworks Championships in Southport and went on to win the

Firework Champions event in 2013 and achieved second place in 2014. They have provided displays for some of the biggest names in

British business such as BBC, ITV, British Telecom, Channel 4, British Airways, Tesco,

Sainsbury’s and the Trafford Centre to name but a few. Hopefully giving you piece of

mind that your display will be left in safe hands.

They have £10 million public liability insurance.

The displays are fully risk assessed in advance and any potential issues or hazards

highlighted and mitigated.

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